Don't get stuck in In-house vs Outsource. Focus on ROI.

Not all the growth problems can be solved in-house. Not everything can be outsourced. Solve them before it’s too late.

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What really is Consulting Table?

Over the years, I noticed many Founders and CEOs struggling to grow their companies at a pace they aspire for, especially smaller companies. The problem is not the intent or not having the skills to grow but more than that most of them don’t have any custom strategy in place on how to scale their organization.

Mostly, their marketing and sales playbook ends up copy-pasting the other companies, especially those whom they aspire to be like without understanding their own strengths and limitations. Then, there is another set of Founders and CEOs who acknowledge the above issues and have hired a consultant in the past to create a custom strategy for themselves, but there is no one in their team who could connect the dots and can get the execution done right.

All this leads to a high burn rate, unpredictable revenue, frustrated founders, and unhappy employees after all the years in business.

This is where the Consulting Table can help.

You need someone who has got a more holistic approach to business, understands the big picture, and could connect the dots. You need someone who can not only build a custom strategy for you, but also handhold your team for execution. You need someone who has spent years solving the classic sales and marketing problems, similar to yours, and yet can be hired at the fractional cost of hiring a full-time expert.

Who all should consider hiring our services?

You should consider hiring us if:

  • Sales and Marketing are not your expertise at all and you want to focus only on results.
  • Your marketing sucks. ( No leads, Bad Quality leads, High cost of leads acquisition, Average content, no brand recall, etc.).
  • Your sales numbers don’t look good. There is no sales process that delivers results on a consistent basis.
  • Your customers prefer to hire your competitors and not you, even though you are better and are cheap too.
  • You already have in-house sales and marketing teams but either you are not happy with their results or you think you need someone who could mentor them and take them to the next level.
  • You outsource your sales and marketing to an agency or freelancers but you need someone who can connect the dots, build a cohesive strategy and deliver an execution process that automates everything for you.
  • You are happy with your revenue but your profit margins are skewed.
  • You end up hiring the wrong people with bad attitudes or who never delivered results.
  • Your Sales and Marketing teams have a high attrition rate.
  • You want to launch a new service or a product and need help with Marketing and Sales Strategy.

Marketing and Sales cannot work in silos. The magic happens at the overlap. We solve for that.


Marketing decides how potential customers perceive your business. Good marketing generates qualified leads, not junk. Good Marketing makes you look better than your competition. It also reduces your sales cycle. If your current marketing is not delivering any or most of this, get in touch with us to know what is that you might be missing to achieve success.

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Audit
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Hiring and Training
  • Budget Planning

Demand Generation

  • Growth Driven Design
  • SEO & Paid Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media
  • Analytics & Reporting

Sales is the lifeline of any business. If sales is not your number one priority, your business could perish sooner than you could imagine. But, if you would like to focus on growth, and would like to bring some predictability to your sales and marketing, here is how we should be able to help you.

Sales Strategy

  • Develop a new Sales Strategy
  • Audit existing Sales Strategy
  • Sales Channels Review
  • Sales Collateral Review
  • Sales CRM Review
  • Sales Budget Planning

Sales Enablement

  • Sales Pitches
  • Proposal & Contract templates
  • Sales Processes
  • Sales Metrics
  • Hiring and Training
  • Account Management

Compare it yourself and decide the ROI.

Consulting Table
All Outsourced
All Inhouse
All in one Sales +
Marketing Expertise
Yes No No
Ownership High Low High
Quality High Moderate Low-Moderate
Execution Speed Moderate Low-Moderate High
Flexible Contracts Yes Yes No
Attrition Low Low High
Cost Reasonable Very High High
Overall ROI High Low-Moderate Low

Here is why you should consider hiring us.

Your A team

When you work with us, you work with someone who has a good understanding of both marketing and sales. This is a big advantage to any business, as you get to work with someone who has hands-on experience in solving problems in both sales and marketing. This unique experience has been acquired after 20 years of working with the best agencies, startups, and enterprises.

High ROI

The quality that you get working with us for the value that you receive, will delight you. First, we guide you in the right direction and then we help you go there. We will ensure you get the maximum value out of every dollar that you spend.

Hands On Approach

Unlike a large business consultancy, we are neither tightly structured nor throw jargon to impress you. Instead, we come down to your level, understand your goals and aspirations, and take full ownership of the results we deliver.

Flexible Contracts

When you engage with us you do not have to bother about long-term contracts where you feel locked, rather we propose something which has the flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs and budget.

Enterprise Grade Quality

Our mission is to bring enterprise-grade strategies, frameworks, tools, and processes to small and mid-size B2B technology companies. We work closely with our clients, not only to build a strategy and a roadmap for their sales and marketing success but also to handhold them, implement those strategies, test them and improvise until the desired results are achieved.

Results Driven

When you engage with us you pay for the value you get and not based on the number of hours spent. It is a pure plug-and-play based on results.

Get started with a simple 3 step process.

Step 1


Reach out to us via a discovery call for a dedicated session. We discuss your key challenges and propose the next steps.

Step 2


Based on your requirements we suggest you an engagement plan that suits you based on your business goals and your budget.

Step 3


Fix your marketing. Fix your Sales. Let your business grow in front of your eyes. Say Goodbye to mediocracy.