I help founders and CEOs build growth-driven companies by solving their top marketing and sales problems. I work closely with them to create a custom strategy, and then closely work in the execution process to deliver the revenue and profit growth that they always aspired for.

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Rohit Dogra

20+ years of experience in digital transformation, sales and marketing, serving clients globally.

Over the last two decades, I have hired, trained, and led sales and marketing teams for various digital agencies where I have been consulting global businesses and startups building software products and other digital transformation initiatives.

I have been fortunate to work with some of the best CEOs and colleagues during this journey and have acquired multiple skills both as a leader and as a team player. The skills that I have acquired, at the intersection of marketing, sales, presales, consulting, business development, business analysis, account management, and UX design roles have helped me develop a more holistic perspective about various aspects of a business and differentiates me from many of the one-trick-pony consultants out there.

If you are looking for someone who has got credible experience in solving the same problems similar to yours and can help you with both strategy and execution, you should consider me.


The world has changed completely in recent years. This new world order demands exploring newer solutions and new engagement models.

I see many founders and CEOs who are struggling to grow even though they try their best to spend money on ads or hire more people in the house. Most of them have zero experience in marketing and sales. They seriously need help with their sales and marketing but have no one to build or validate a cohesive strategy. Even if they hire a consultant to figure out a strategy there is no one to hire the right team, train them and build processes that work in the long term. Often they end up hiring the wrong people in-house, pay them through the roof, and deliver zero or low ROI.

Then, there is another set of Founders and CEOs who acknowledge the above issues, and know exactly what kind of person can scale their business but cannot hire a full-time CMO or CSO or both as that is super expensive.

This is where I can help.


My mission is to help businesses, especially founders of small technology companies and startups. become a better version of who they really are as a company. I help them achieve the revenue and profit growth that they always deserved but which has always eluded them because either they were following a wrong strategy or the execution was poor. The idea is to closely work with them, build a growth strategy, execute it, deliver results and not let them make mistakes that de-accelerate their growth journey.


I am driven by following core values that are part of my DNA. This explains why my customers, partners, colleagues, and friends love to associate with me.

  • Authenticity
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Ownership
  • Accountability

Get started with a simple 3 step process.

Step 1


Reach out to us via a discovery call for a dedicated session. We discuss your key challenges and propose the next steps.

Step 2


Based on your requirements we suggest you an engagement plan that suits you based on your business goals and your budget.

Step 3


Fix your marketing. Fix your Sales. Let your business grow in front of your eyes. Say Goodbye to mediocracy.