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We deliver the next level of growth for technology companies, SMEs, and startups, they always aspired for.
We closely work with them, to fix gaps in their existing marketing and sales processes, thereby directly improving their revenues and profit margins.

Are you struggling with any of these?

Bad Quality Leads

You get leads that don't convert to real sales.

High Lead Acquisition Cost

You spend too much money acquiring leads that don't work.

Poor Sales Numbers

Your sales numbers disappoint you consistently.

High Sales Acquisition Cost

Your sales costs are too high to sustain in the long term.

Unpredictable Revenue

You can’t predict your revenue, hence cannot plan your growth.

Zero Brand Value

Your business has zero visibility and you are not known for anything.

We handhold you throughout your growth journey.
Not just strategy, execution too.


You are not happy from your Sales and Marketing results. You tried many things but you are not convinced if you are on the right track. You need someone who can connect the dots in Sales and Marketing and deliver a strategy and a process that delivers results.


You have got a strategy to deliver results in sales and marketing. But for some reason, either your strategy is not working or you are not able to get the desired results. Regardless, you need some hand holding. You need someone who can work closely with you and your team to deliver results as per the strategy.


You have sales and marketing teams and they really work hard. However, they might lack exposure and need to be exposed to better sales and marketing techniques. A trained team, avoids critical mistakes that could cost you millions. You need someone who can coach them in the right way and deliver a framework which they can follow for success.

What people are saying

I have been working with Rohit for close to 2 years now. He has been instrumental in setting up the marketing strategy for our company. Rohit is a diligent and hard working individual who has been able to deliver on his commitment to us. His thought process and understanding of the IT marketing landscape is very good and that has helped us in promoting our brand tremendously.

Deepesh Goel, Founder & CEO at FIRMINIQ

Rohit is the most genuine person I have ever interacted with. The best thing I get out of my professional relationship with Rohit is when we are doing strategic brainstorming. Rohit is very good at listening, which is a hard skill to come by for someone who has had decades of experience in the field. I would highly recommend Rohit to anyone who is looking for strategic advice for sales or marketing, or if you need an experienced leader to manage your offshore team or vendor.

Jimi Shah, Ex-Amazon, Ex-Qualcomm, Director of IT (Security, Cloud) & Telecom (UCaaS, CCaas, Headsets) Solutions

Rohit and I did fractional CMO work together across SaaS companies and he is one of the rare CMO’s that can straddle across products and services.

Bhavish Sood, General Partner at Modulor Capital

Rohit helped us build the foundation of the Marketing function at People10. He was instrumental in creating a Go to Market Strategy and hired the initial team to execute the strategy. He is creative, data-driven, and has the leadership qualities to lead and manage teams. I would recommend Rohit to anyone who is willing to set up and scale up Marketing for their business.

Nisha Shoukath, Co- Founder and CEO, People10 Technosoft Private Limited

Rohit has helped RV Technologies reach the next level of growth and completely changed our approach to how we looked at Sales and Marketing. When you work with Rohit, you realise how he takes complete ownership, right from strategy to execution and is always obsessed about getting the results delivered.

Ranjit Singh, Founder & CEO, RV Technologies

Rohit’s been a great consultant. He’s a kind of guy who is impatient with the action and patient with the results and is very process oriented. We have started seeing the results from his work and with the basics in place, we know the results will only compound from here.

Rahul Vij, Co- Founder, Webspero Solutions

Rohit’s expertise in SEO+CRO is unmatched. Building a new site and getting SEO traffic in the beginning was extremely intimidating, but Rohit took over and set us on the right track for success. I am very grateful to Rohit for all of this help & expertise and would highly recommend him.

Stephanie Muni, Founder, Stealth eCommerce startup

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Reach out to us via a discovery call for a dedicated session. We discuss your key challenges and propose the next steps.

Step 2


Based on your requirements we suggest you an engagement plan that suits you based on your business goals and your budget.

Step 3


Fix your marketing. Fix your Sales. Let your business grow in front of your eyes. Say Goodbye to mediocracy.


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